'On the road' with Yves Cogan..

In 1978, I wanted to live alike my favourite writer, Jack Kerouac,

travelling 'on the road', spending the money earned during the winter season as a ski instructor.

But life is unpredictable, and I ended up travelling internationally for an eyewear brand,

implementing my skills in marketing and creativity.

Thus, I launched my own brand in 1994, and 22 years have gone...

As for myself, I haven't really changed, just like in my twenties,

I live my dreams, I'm never short of ideas, always ready to surprise...

Different teams (Design, marketing, production, logistics) working together efficiently in

a dynamic environment #TeamCOGAN


As today, COGAN brand is:

  • A specialist brand, located in the heart of French eyewear heritage. This translates into production of small series, 

          carefully crafted by true eyewear experts.

  • A designer brand, that creates glasses to make a classy statement, for people who want to see and be seen !

  • An international brand, and with respect to its DNA, is aiming not at mass market but selective distribution, 

          to eyecare professionals who share its values.