Brand Essence

Yves Cogan & Cogan Brands


'A STORY OF A TRAVELLER' is the new artistic brand direction based on the taste of the founder for travelling around the world. Our storytelling follows 5 years of his travel diary from Europe to all continents. First destinations are Canada and Greece (2018/2019) then Japan and India (2019/2020) for our optical and sun collection inspirations. 

Thanks to the heritage of Yves Cogan's work, we are creativeimaginative and proud to be French. We have a tailor made approach for producing and assembling together a full range of high quality componentsYves Cogan Brand is the showcase of the French know-how through Made in France process. We pay attention to every single detail. Our values are : Imagination, French Excellence in Design and Craftsmanship. 




The Beginning

Mr. Yves Cogan founded his company in 1994 and developed it through his collections Yves Cogan (1997) and Cogan (2004). We have been present in France and worldwide since 1994. 

"In 1994,
I decided to launch my onw brand Yves Cogan. 
My garage was renovated into a small office overlooking the garden.
Ten years later, my company moved to a new brand headoffice in Jura, the heart of the French Eyewear Heritage. "